Gain confidence

Do your fears ever stop you from making choices? Discover what to do when you feel hesitant, and learn tools that allow you to participate in life in the way that you always wanted!

Learn healthy habits

Are you tired of making choices that feel good in the moment but then make you feel guilty afterwards? Learn how to make healthy, life-sustainable choices that bring out your best self.

Get clear

Do you feel confused about what you want to do with your life? Are you holding on to a friendship or relationship that feels toxic? We will help you understand your feelings, identify what you want, and create steps to set your plan in motion.

Do what you love

Do you feel stuck in your job? Are you passionate about something that you'd like to turn into your career? We will help you to create an action plan and turn your ideas into a reality.

Accomplish your goals

Have you always wanted to make a change in your life but never got around to it? Have you ever accomplished a goal but then fall back into old habits? Learn how to achieve your goals in a sustainable way that will last a lifetime!

Set up your phone consultation

We begin our coaching sessions with an initial conversation so we can learn about one another and decide if we'd make a great fit. Email us today to schedule your consultation which can be over the phone and up to 30-minutes. From there, we can schedule your first in-person or phone session. A specialist will travel to your home or to an environment that is most comfortable for you.

The Better Approach

Every Better Session is personalized to meet your needs.
We assess how you process information so that you can capitalize on your strengths, and integrate them into your life.

Adaptable & Flexible

We travel to your home, workplace, or even your favorite park.

Collaborative Conversations

We won't tell you what to do. We will meet you where you are.

Healthy Patterns

We help you identify your strengths.


We help you take new insights and skills into your day-to-day.

"Lisa has been a great support system for me in these last few months. Her great advice, her help with keeping me organized and her encouraging words have been priceless to me as I embark on a new career path. Whenever I'm feeling unsure, Lisa gives me just the right words I need, to keep me focused and enthusiastic about my journey!"

Professional Singer/Songwriter