Lisa Podell Presents at The Rankin Insitute

It is an honor to speak at The Rankin Institute each and every year. The theme remains the same: Ways parents can model executive functioning skills for their children. However, each year I update and refine the details based on what I’ve learned as an educator and a parent. This year I added a new segment on how to get present before jumping into a task that requires focus, patience, and attention, like this 90-minute talk I was giving to 50+ participants.

The next time you or your child are transitioning from one task to the next and it’s important to bring your full attention, try posing one or all of the following questions:

*How can I eliminate distractions in my physical space?  (silence your phone, close your laptop, and distance yourself from other people’s conversations)

*How can I eliminate distractions in my mental space? (write down the ideas or stressors that are cluttering up your mind)

*Increase focus (3 deep breathes, jumping jacks, push-ups, something that gets you out of your head and into your body: increase that heart rate!)

*Create calm (3 deep breathes, 1-2 stretches or yoga poses, listen to relaxing music)

Trying one of these strategies will guarantee you get the most out of that next meeting, conversation or assignment that required your full attention.

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